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শনিবার | ১৮ আগস্ট, ২০১৮ | ৩ ভাদ্র, ১৪২৫ | ৬ জিলহজ্জ, ১৪৩৯

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Why We Make and Read Bangladesh Worldview!

Bangladesh has all along been a very promising country. However, many things went wrong with our State-building efforts. Many influential circles and leaders of all kinds and breeds have ignored vital agendas of nation-building process. Endemic corruption and abject poverty has been posing serious threat to our Statehood and prosperity. Still we can rejuvenate us and our people to make us prosperous as a nation that can claim its own dignity, freedom and sovereignty at national, regional, and international levels and stages. For that we need to be honest and skillful in our talks and deeds to make sure that our legitimate rights are not violated by any unpatriotic forces within and expansionist or imperialist forces from outside. Number of failed States has been increasing around the world. We don’t like to be in that list of rogue States. Our political and religious leaders may push us to much irreversible disastrous consequence because of their greed for power and money. We need to stand up for our rights and rights for our sovereign entity to make us fit to formulate and implement our national polices that would not betray our people, our cultural heritage, and social ethos. Therefore, we are very keen to present this magazine, Bangladesh Worldview, to our patriotic masses and peace loving people around us and beyond. Please be kind enough to make us enrich by providing your thoughtful insights and unwavering dedication to our nation and people.

Prof. Dr. Maimul Ahsan Khan
Editor, Bangladesh Worldview

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